We are your partner for digital market research.

Around our online access panels we offer various services, features and added values – so that you can generate real insights.

Sample & Services

We support you in the conception, technical implementation and data preparation of your online studies – and the recruitment of honest and committed study participants from our actively maintained online panels.


Whether online survey, diary study, product test or tracking study, whether “sample only” or “full service”: We are happy to assist you in the conception phase, e.g. in defining the target group and selecting the appropriate study design.


We recruit honest and committed study participants from our actively maintained online panels – sample only or in “full service”. And on request, we are also happy to recruit from the national and international panels of our cooperation partners.

Project Management

After commissioning, there is usually a short kickoff call or kickoff meeting with our experienced and highly trained project managers, who then invite the target groups from our online access panels or via selected partners, whereby our project managers take over the project setup and invitation management according to the quota plan in accordance with the agreed schedule and report to you regularly on the progress of the project.

Technical Implementation

If desired, our project managers can also take over the programming, i.e. the technical implementation, of the questionnaire you have programmed, preferably in multiple languages in the case of international studies. As a rule, we use keyingress, one of the leading survey software solutions of the German, ISO 27001 certified Ingress GmbH (www.ingress.de).

Raw Data and Reporting

Shortly after the start of the field phase, you will receive an (un)cleaned test data set, a live reporting link and, after completion of the field phase, a labeled and quality-adjusted raw data set (in SPSS or Excel) as well as a field report and a debriefing, if desired.

Data Processing

Upon request, we can also deliver a descriptive spreadsheet with column headers of your choice in Excel or PDF format. Likewise, organizing translations, coding and/or back-translating open mentions, and visualizing your data is also conceivable, whether in PPT or dashboard format. Just talk to us!


You already run your own panel or customer database or want to build or professionalize one with our help to learn more about your customers and target groups? You need support to manage, maintain, engage with surveys, incentivize or enrich your panel with technical measurement data?

Our partner panel model offers you the modular complete package with these advantages and options:

  • Consulting and workshops already in the conception phase by real specialists
  • Regular workshops for continuous monitoring of panel KPIs and joint further development of the panel
  • Choice of horizoom branding, neutral branding or your desired branding in your look & feel
  • Market-leading, ISO 27001 certified and DSGVO compliant software solution with various features for the best possible panelist experience
  • Almost unlimited profiling of participants possible
  • Linking with your data sources (e.g. from CRM or DWH) possible, e.g. shopper data, media usage data, etc.
  • Use of horizoom infrastructure and know-how for participant support, project management, panel maintenance and incentivization
  • Optional support for recruitment campaigns, via online, social, TV, radio, print, POS and more.
  • Optional app solution (Android and iOS) for more efficient activation of your panelists
  • Optional panel marketing by horizoom to generate panel revenues and re-finance your expenses

We could arouse your interest? Then we look forward to your contact!

Data Solutions

Whatever you need: transaction data, internet or app usage data, cookie or campaign contacts, identifiers, campaign simulation or pre-testing. If desired, enriched with segmentation or survey data of your choice. Whether behavioral metering, media measurement, audience building for programmatic targeting: we have the solution! DSGVO-compliant with the informed consent of our panelists.

Our Sales Team

You want to contact us directly and personally? We look forward to hearing or reading from you, by phone, email or social media!

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Malte Freksa

Member of the Executive Board
Chief Innovation Officer
Malte Freksa
Chief Innovation Officer

Our Chief Innovation Officer Malte passionately combines sophisticated research with the latest technology. As Product&Sales Interface he is responsible for our Partner Panels and Data Solutions. Most recently, he was Chief Digital Officer at GapFish GmbH and before that worked as a market researcher for agencies and institutes. He gives talks at (inter)national conferences and is a BVM speaker for “Digital Transformation of Market Research”. The graduate psychologist lives in Berlin with his wife and two children. When he’s not working, he’s out in nature with family and friends, doing sports, or relaxing by reading and playing chess.

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Jonathan Heinemann

Member of the Executive Board
Chief Sales Officer
Jonathan Heinemann
Chief Sales Officer

Jonathan has been working in online market research since 2011, initially at respondi AG and most recently as VP Business Development&Sales at Berlin-based Gapfish GmbH, which was acquired by the Cint Group in 2021. At horizoom, he is responsible for Sales&Marketing, the Sample&Service product area and the Cologne site. A graduate in business administration and married father of two, he lives by the principle of “True Selling”, both internally and externally. In his private life, he is passionate about sports, Labrador retrievers and anything with an engine.