More than just a job.

We invest in great people! With us, you have the chance to actively shape the future and contribute your own ideas. A deep and lasting relationship is our highest priority: Become one of us, together we are horizoom!

We live people first and invest in great people. This is our honest promise to our employees. Sincere care is at the heart of everything we do. With our Employee Value Proposition, we create the space that allows us to grow beyond ourselves together. horizoom is not just a job, it is more, it is part of our attitude towards life.. Be part of it!

Employee Value Proposition

Our five values guide our daily collaboration: Excellence, Sustainability, Integrity, Caring, Innovation. In this way, we create space for new ideas and transformative solutions and give everyone the opportunity to pursue their own curiosity, realize their own ideas and develop personal potential. Through active listening, empathy, praise & appreciation as well as healthy feedback routines, we create a company culture that allows for a stable, trusting emotional bond between employees and horizoom.

New pay

fair & transparent

participation in the company’s success


recreational leave

flexible work



parental leave for fathers


in-house trainings

external trainings




ideas workshop

living team spirit

work-life balance

self-determined work

Respect & Care


open feedback culture

team resilience


Office Berlin
horizoom GmbH
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Schlüterstrasse 39
10629 Berlin
Office Köln
horizoom GmbH
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